Finesse Decor Affiliate Program

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When you partner with Finesse Decor, you will be promoting popular lighting and decor products that people desire and trust. Home lighting and decor are among the top consumed categories on social media.


Our partner program is powered by Shopify Collabs and is trusted by the world's most connected brands. When you partner with us, you will be promoting popular lighting and decor products holding the Finesse Decor brand, and getting rewarded for doing so.

Affiliate Program FAQs

About Finesse Decor

Finesse Decor is one of the most trusted brands in the lighting and decor industries. We manufacture, stock, manage and warrant on-trend LED lighting & decor products.

Since 2009, we have served clients from furniture and lighting stores, home decor e-malls, interior design and architecture companies, builders, contractors, and the hospitality industry with contemporary, modern, minimalist and traditional styles.

What kind of products will I be promoting?

You will be promoting modern and traditional LED chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, sculptures and wall art. Lighting and Decor are one of the most consumed categories on social media.

How does the collab program work?

Incorporate our products into your content. When your followers buy our products using your unique links or discount codes, you get paid a commission.

What are the commission rates?

Our commission rates start at 10 percent. Note: Special collaborators and high producing partners often receive bonuses and special commission rates.

Do you provide free products?

It depends on the collaboration. Please contact us for more information.

Program requirements

In order to qualify for Shopify Collabs, you must complete a Profile, connect a public creator or business social account and have at least 1K followers on a single platform.

Program terms & conditions

Our partner program is powered by Shopify Collabs and you will be bound by their terms of service.

In addition, as a partner, you agree that your promotional activities will not:

1- Run any kind of paid or sponsored advertisements such as Google ads that include or target our own trademark "Finesse Decor", including any misspellings or variations.

2- Promote or advertise discounts and deals that are unauthorized, deceptive, exaggerated or false.

3- Post your discount codes on "coupon deals" websites.

4- Promote us in a manner that devalues our brand or the brands we carry.

5- Make representations, which lead customers to believe you are the Finesse Decor website or brand.

6- Offer rebates, coupons, or other forms of promised kickbacks from your rewards as an incentive.

Self-referrals are not allowed. This means that you cannot refer yourself by using your referral links. You will not receive a commission on any purchases by yourself for your own use.

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We appreciate all questions, suggestions and collaboration ideas.