At Finesse Decor, we constantly strive to provide our clients with exceptional products and shopping experiences. To accomplish this, we recently made a momentous decision to migrate our e-commerce platform from Magento to Shopify.

In a nutshell and without sounding too technical, we made the decision based on technical goals, challenges and complexities.

We would like to unveil the exciting new features and enhancements that our new website brings to our valued clients. We worked tirelessly for months with you, our valued client in mind. We have taken years of customer feedback and insight into consideration when designing our new site.

Partnering with the Leaders in E-Commerce

Our new site harnesses the cutting-edge technology and flexibility offered by Shopify, the world's leading e-commerce platform, ensuring a modern and feature-rich online shopping experience. In addition, we utilized a sophisticated B2B sales channel by  SparkLayer, an industry leader in B2B e-commerce solutions.

Redesigned for Superior Performance

Our new website is now three times faster than our previous platform, minimizing load times and enabling swift navigation through our extensive product catalog. Performance benchmark tests were carried out using industry standard tools such as Google Page Insights and GTmetrix. We stress tested the site to ensure a reliable customer experience even under heavy loads.

Uninterrupted Shopping

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, we ensure our customers can browse, place orders, and access information seamlessly without any interruptions.

Simplified Structure & Navigation

A simple and intuitive design empowers customers to find products and information effortlessly, creating a user-friendly interface that enhances engagement. We built the site using a common sense approach to web usability, while keeping a close eye on emerging technologies and trends.

Improved Product Data

We have made a lot of improvements to product data  so customers can get the information they need with a click of a button. We will continue to enhance the data on newly designed product attribute sets.

AI-Enhanced Search and Recommendations

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, our new website offers advanced search capabilities and personalized product recommendations, enabling you to discover relevant items quickly and easily.

Mobile-Friendly for On-the-Go Shopping

We embraced mobile responsiveness, allowing customers to browse and place orders conveniently from their smartphones or tablets, ensuring a seamless shopping experience on the go.

Up-to-the-Minute Order Updates

Customers can now track their orders in real-time, in addition to receiving timely notifications about order and shipment status.

Realtime Data

Our website now communicates with our ERP and CRM systems more efficiently with real-time inventory levels and pricing updates. In addition, we have introduced a feature where our B2B customers can now see the estimated time of arrival on backordered items.

Enhanced Delivery Options

We incorporated order pickup and delivery cart features based on order value and geo-location, offering customers greater flexibility and convenience in receiving their purchases.

Streamlined Trade Account Applications

Our revamped trade section simplifies the trade account application and approval process, allowing businesses to easily establish and manage their accounts.

Seamless B2B Ordering

The B2B shopping experience has been completely revamped and simplified. With one-click reorder functionality and the ability to add company users, our B2B customers can place orders quickly and efficiently, streamlining the procurement process.

Flexible Account Credit Management

B2B account holders now enjoy improved check-out on account credit, with accessible credit limits and balances, providing greater control and transparency over their transactions.

Flexible Net Terms

B2B account holders now enjoy improved net terms check-out with automated bill reminders based on their established terms.

Guided Check-Out with Sales Agents

To improve personalized assistance, we have introduced a guided check-out feature, enabling B2B customers to place orders over the phone with ease, assisted by our knowledgeable sales agents.

Simplified Order Uploads

B2B account holders can now upload large orders via simple CSV files, simplifying bulk ordering and enhancing operational efficiency.

Live Chat with Order Tracking

Our new website incorporates a live chat feature, enabling customers to connect with our support team during business hours for instant assistance. In addition, customers can now perform order and shipping status tracking right from the chat window at any time.

Agile Updates and Future Enhancements

Shopify's rapid deployment capabilities, coupled with our talented e-commerce team ensure that we can quickly roll out new updates, features, and enhancements, guaranteeing an agile and evolving e-commerce platform.

Dealer Locator Powered by Google Maps

We will introduce a dealer locator feature, leveraging the latest Google Maps technology to help customers find nearby Finesse Décor authorized dealers easily.

Live Product Data Feeds for Drop Shippers

In the very near future, we will provide live product data feeds for our valued drop shippers, simplifying inventory management and ensuring accurate and up-to-date data exchange.

We look forward to serving you and we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to let us know how were are doing.

Thank you on behalf of the Finesse Decor Team.

May 19, 2023

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