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Are you planning to attend the esteemed High Point Market Furniture Show, but dreading the thought of navigating 60000 extra people in such a small town like High Point, North Carolina? With a population of only 115,000, hospitality and transportation could be affected by this sudden influx of travelers. But don’t worry, with some expert tips and tricks you can make your stay enjoyable and stress-free!

Getting The Most From Your Day

To get the most out of the market, you must be intentional with your visit. The show is HUGE, and if you are only going for two or three days, you will not be able to walk it all and see it all. Planning ahead is key to a successful market experience. Download the app, go to the Market website, and look at the catalogs that were shipped. Pick your ‚Äúmust visit‚ÄĚ showrooms and map the best way to get from one place to another. Try to make appointments at the showrooms you are interested in and create a schedule for yourself. There is a lot to see at the market and it is easy to get sidetracked, following a plan will ensure your success.

PRO TIP: If you are attending for three days, plan day 1 and 2. Leave day 3 for fun and discovery of new showrooms!

Some Of Our Favorite Discovery Places For Day 3 Are:

  • The antiques showplace: so easy to get lost in here for hours
  • Shopping on floor 4 of market suites: you can get cool vintage jewelry and even second hand brand name bags here
  • Selfies at TOV: the most instagrammable showroom of all
  • Afternoon pick me coffee break at Finesse: with yours truly, what could be better!

Where To Eat & Drink

Nothing makes us hungrier than walking and shopping at High Point.. However, most vendors got you covered. You can find a plethora of food, snacks, chocolate, in almost every single showroom. Download the High Point Market app and you will see a list of daily events in different showrooms. These range from breakfast with bubbles, to lunches during the day, and happy hours in the afternoon.

PRO TIP: Don't forget to drink water during the day!

After the show closes however, you will want to get some food before you crash for the night. If you are not staying in High point, we truly recommend you eat outside of High Point, closer to your Hotel.

Booking Accommodations

Hotels are in high demand during the show due to the massive influx of people, so it’s best to book well in advance. Look up nearby hotels online and don’t forget about short-term rentals which can save money if there are more than a few members in your travel party. Be sure to read reviews closely before booking any accommodations no matter where you end up staying. You can see in Greensboro or by Winston Salem, they are about half an hour away from High Point.

PRO TIP: Before booking a hotel that is not in High Point, make sure to call and inquire if they have a shuttle to market, most do, and it will save you money in uber or renting a car. We hope you have a great market, and we hope to see you!

You can visit the Finesse Decor Showroom, where we will have great deals, new things to show you, and of course, amazing coffee.

April 07, 2023

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