Twin Halo Marble-Top Coffee Table Set

SKU: CT-3305-SET
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Discover the pinnacle of modern design with our Twin Halo Marble-Top Coffee Table Set, where functionality meets sculptural elegance. This duo is sold together, offering a cohesive look with the versatility to suit any contemporary living space.

The set features one larger table accompanied by a smaller one, each boasting a magnificent white faux marble top with distinctive grey veining, reminiscent of classic marble craftsmanship. The surfaces offer ample space for your decorative and functional needs, be it for hosting, displaying, or simply enjoying a relaxing coffee break.

The base of each table is a work of art, fashioned from brushed stainless steel with a satin finish that exudes understated luxury. The cylindrical forms and clean lines of the base provide a striking contrast to the organic nature of the marble tops, resulting in a harmonious blend of textures and shapes.

Designed to interplay with each other, the tables can be arranged in multiple configurations - nested, staggered, or separately - to suit your personal style and spatial requirements. The larger table invites social gatherings, while the smaller one is perfect for more intimate settings.

The Twin Halo Marble-Top Coffee Table Set is not only a practical addition to your home but a statement in contemporary aesthetics. It embodies the spirit of modern living, offering a balance between beauty and utility that will be the centerpiece of your living area.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.0 lb
  • Dominant Color: Silver
  • Finish: Nickel - Brushed
  • Base Warranty: 30 Days
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