Finesse Decor
Experts in the finishing touch

The devil is in the details

Lighting, decor and accents can make or break a space. We created Finesse Decor out of a passion for interior design and a determination to bring the best possible finishing touches to all spaces.

Quality x Resourcefulness x Integrity

Our products are matchless, yes, but we attribute becoming the fastest growing lighting specialist in the nation to our values. We believe in transparency, delivering real solutions, and keeping promises. Outstanding customer service combined with an integrated, smart approach allows us to process a large number of orders while still providing each client a personalized experience.


  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee + Free Returns
  • Price matching + Best rate guarantee (yes, even Amazon)
  • 99% in-stock rate
  • Extensive marketing assets
  • Limitless customizations
  • Next-Day Shipping
  • 24/7 support